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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Running with the Buffalo

Today was the second training run for the Buffalo Run.  The race director is kind enough to set up training runs each month before the race in March, starting in November.  I talked Katherine into going with me and we were planning on 14-15 miles total.  I picked Katherine up bright and early and we headed north.  When we finally arrived on the island and got out of the car, I was totally geeked out!  Karl Meltzer had just arrived and was heading out on a run!  Karl Meltzer currently holds the record for the most (30) 100 mile trail race wins ever!  So I was like a screaming Beiber fan, well minus the screaming or mob scene.  I quick grabbed Katherine, "Oh my GAWD!  Did you see who that was?!  That was Karl Meltzer!"  Once I quite geeking out we headed out on the trail.  

Check out the mane on Katherine!
Working hard and enjoying the view.
A little uphill at the seven mile mark.
See the trail?  Yeah, me neither.  Bushwhack time, baby!
This was Katherine's longest run ever.  She was a champion!
We were running along and all of a sudden Katherine let out a panicked "RENEEEE!"  I turn around to a buffalo charging down the hillside right next to us.  You could hear the drumming of it's powerful hooves.  It was intense and amazing.  Luckily, buffalo don't much want anything to do with humans and he just ran along towards his pals who were grazing next to the trail.  Then two of them started rolling around on their backs like playful puppies.  Quite an amazing experience!
Katherine and I ran along with another woman named Lori for the last half of the run.  She was quite nice and took the above picture of Katherine and I together.  Afterward the race director had hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps for everyone! What a great day!

13.1 miles
2 hr 30 min
11:27 pace


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