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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Snow Run

Today's run was epic!  It snowed all night and continued through our entire run.  I met up with Katherine and her friend Shelby, who may I add is not a regular runner, and headed through town to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  We ran the Shoreline trail for a few miles before turning around and heading back home.  It was anything but a boring run.  Snow, ice, speeding cars, slushy puddles, wet socks, calf high snow on the trail, you get the picture.  We ended up with a little less mileage than we initially set out to do, but with the snow depth it was rather slow going.

Three ladies out on a mission!
Shoreline Trailhead
Shelby and Katherine.  May I just take this moment to say what a badass Shelby is.  Girlfriend isn't a runner and thought that a half marathon distance in the snow sounded like a great idea!  She kept up and had a blast like a pro!

The "non-runner" powering uphill ahead of us.
It was a true winter wonderland!
Running Buds!

It was fun, hard, amazing, difficult and I loved every minute of it, however I think I'll wear my sunglasses next time.  Now I'm seeing stars*!  Hmmm...

12.1 (+ approximately .25 when I stopped my garmin & forgot to restart it)
14:47 pace 

*The stars finally went away!  

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