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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Training Week 3

That title should probably read "Training Weak 3" as this weeks training was a bit of a bust.  I ended up with a cold, which triggered my asthma and have been coughing up a storm!  (((boo!)))  Luckily I still have my asthma meds and have started back on them and hope to be cough free within a few days.  Today's run turned into two runs.  I got up and out at 7:45am this morning and started my run in the snow with temps in the low twenties.  About a half a mile in I knew that my lungs were just not going to cooperate in the cold and headed back home.  After lunch I went over to the (warm) gym and ran on the dreadmill *ahem* treadmill.  It actually felt good as I haven't run many miles this week.

Today's mileage

Blizzard Run
1.5 miles
13 minute pace (ugh!  I told you I was hurting!)

Treadmill Run
5 miles
11:14 minute pace

Today's total: 6.5

Week 3
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3.09
Wednesday: weight lifting
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Sick
Saturday: Sick
Sunday: 6.5
Total: 9.59 (I hope you were sitting down for that total.)

Previous total: 54.32
Training Grand Total: 63.91

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