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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Daily Mile

Today I am tired of running.  There I said it.  Not that it will slow me down, but I'm just feeling like it's one more thing on my long to do list before we leave on Sunday for Christmas vacation.  It doesn't help that my right leg and foot have been bugging me.  Not hurting, bugging, just half a bubble off.  Plus it's cold out.  Today was super icy and cold.  I was happy to have Katherine join me, but her foot was bothering her too and she bowed out at mile two.  So, Ozzy and I lapped the neighborhood and got it over with.  I'm dreaming of warm Florida runs next week where I can wear shorts and not worry about snow and ice.  Hopefully that will renew my enthusiasm.   Now off to get tackle that list...

6 miles
1hr 7min
11:10 pace

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