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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Training Week 6

This week was fantastic!  Running in the warm weather with new terrain and scenery has left me head over heels in love with running again.  It's a good thing too, because it looks like I have some seriously snowy runs ahead of me this week.  I missed one run this week, due to being on vacation and traveling, but I figure three miles isn't going to make or break me in the long run.  It's a good thing I got most of my mileage in though, or I might have gained ten pounds!  My right leg is still a bit stiff, but my father-in-law and husband picked me up a foam roller on Friday so I've been rolling and feeling a lot better. I see a lot of rolling and stretching coming up this week.

Week 6
Monday: Sleep in, eat cookies
Tuesday: 3.01, eat pie
Wednesday: Sleep in, eat cookies & pie
Thursday: 6.01 eat more pie and cookies
Friday: 13.5 eat cake & brownies
Saturday: Sleep in, eat more cake & brownies
Sunday: travel
Total: 22.52 perfect vacation miles

Previous Total: 119.39
Training Grand Total: 141.91

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