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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Daily Vacation Mile

The view that greeted me this morning as I headed out on my run.  I ran through the golf course again, this time looping more of the course.  It was stunning with the water and the palm trees.  The air was crisp and I felt great.  The nagging in my right leg didn't make a peep while I ran and I thoroughly enjoyed the change of weather and scenery.  I saw a few heron, lots of squirrels, birds and very few people.  Just perfect!
This guy was eating a fish!   
The house at the end of my in-law's road is impressive to say the least.  This, I'm not even sure what it is but we'll just say building for lack of a better word, drive through building in the middle of the driveway amazes me.  It's not even the main house, but is as big as my house!  Some driveway, eh? 
Gorgeous!  Tomorrow I think I'll do my long run since the forecast calls for thunder storms on Saturday.   Maybe I'll run down to the beach tomorrow.  Oh boy!

6.01 miles
1 hr 02 min
10:19 pace (Hooray for lower altitude!)

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