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Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Training Week 4" or "Five and a Half Nails"

You may or may not know that I lost three toenails after the St. George Marathon last year.  I promptly went to Wasatch Running Center and got fitted for new, larger shoes.  That hasn't seemed to stop my toe ailments, though.  Last month you may have read how a ten, plus, mile run ended in a black toenail.  For a while now I've been suspecting one day I would lose said black toenail.  Well, today was the day.  I am now down to five toenails.  Yes, that is counting all the toenails on both feet.  You've only mentioned the loss of five nails, you might say.  True.  True.  I have no idea how the other one came to it's end.  And technically, I only lost half of that toenail, so I actually have five and a half toenails.  So much for my annual Christmas pedicure.

Toenail loss aside, this week was great.  I'm getting my breath back and have been able to train outdoors all week.

Week 4
Monday: 3
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 6.13
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 3
Saturday: 12.35
Total: 24.48

Previous Total: 63.91
Training Grand Total: 88.39

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