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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chasing the Johnstons

Yesterday when Meghan invited me to run with her and Rob, "want to join us?,"  I think what she really meant to say was, "want to chase us?"  I went up ahead of them and did 5k before I met them at Coyote Hollow.  We headed out to Ann's and I was hard pressed to keep up.  Seriously!  They are so fast.  I actually felt pretty decent, but around mile seven I started melting.  Back to back long runs are awesome training, but pretty hard on the legs. 

Those two are so fast that this is the only view I ever saw of them!  
You can just see Meghan about to go around a corner up ahead of me.  Can't see her?  Yeah, that's because she's fast and far ahead of me!
Rob stopped and snapped a couple of me before he and Meghan disappeared again.

This run felt good, but I pushed a lot harder than I would have, had I been alone.  I'm sure that's good for me, but I sure did feel it by the time I cruised into the parking lot!

9.15 miles 
12:20 average pace (over three minutes/mile faster than yesterday's run!)

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