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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daily Mile

Today was just what I needed.  Usually I don't love road runs, but after my mountainous adventure Sunday it was quite pleasant.  I decided, at the last minute, to go to Flat Iron Mesa and run on the flat walking path there.  Part of my motivation was that I was feeling lazy and didn't want to bring water with me.  I knew I could stop at the drinking fountain there, and it actually worked out very well.  I typically don't like this sort of thing, and prefer to run all by my lonesome, but for some reason today I was quite happy to be running amongst all the people.  There were the old folks walking with their friends (those are the friendliest), the speedy runner (she didn't even smile), the couple that did'nt look like runners, but were doing their best to run anyhow (who knows, maybe they've been running for years?), the couple pushing their kids in a jogging stroller, the many dog walkers and the random folks out for a stroll by themselves.  Watching all these people come and go was quite refreshing today and I was able to run at a pretty good clip through the park.  Usually my post long run runs are quite painful, but for some reason I felt great today.  Guess I was due for a good one.

4.57 miles
10:13 average pace

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