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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daily Mile

To switch it up a bit, and because I like to sneak a bit of trail running in whenever I can, I headed down to Crestwood park.  It's just under two miles from my front door, so a nice option for medium sized runs.  The loop is just over a mile and quite enjoyable.  The trail makes you feel like you're father away from civilization than you actually are.  Today, I entered the park on this equestrian trail, but soon found out why it's for horses, not humans, as it required crossing the creek.  I tried another branch of the trail and ended up on someone's horse property.  It was fun to explore a bit and I found the coolest climbing tree ever!  The run was nice and I felt a lot better than yesterday.  It's amazing that sometimes seven miles can take forever and sometimes it just flies by.  

Horse trail?  Why not!?
Oh, that's why not.

Is that cool, or what!?
Views from around the park.

The longest worm I've ever seen!
This snail was really cute, so I had to stop and take his picture.  Go speedy, go!  
7.2 miles
11:15 average pace

And a picture of my daughter, Lila, just because she is awesome. 

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