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Sunday, July 7, 2013

hiking we will go

My Father in Law and I enjoyed our Friday hike so much that we went out again yesterday.  We headed up from the Orson Smith trailhead and checked out a couple of trails I see when I run the Bonneville Shoreline trail, but look to steep to run.  The Cherry Canyon Logging trail was very steep and after a bit of a climb, with Paul wearing only street running shoes, we decided to head back down and go check out another trail I had seen when running with Lindsay.  We went up the Trail of the Eagle.  It was very nice and not too steep, but the wind started gusting quite strong and we called it before getting to the top. It was a nice little hike and we didn't do much running this time.  Paul was sore and I knew I'd be cursing myself on my long run the next day if I did too much.  

Mountain Lion Bridge

Somebody needs some gaiters.

3 miles
25 min pace

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