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Friday, July 26, 2013

Daily Mile

Today I almost didn't run.  I'm really glad I did, though.  I felt fantastic!  At first, I was a little slow going, but then I picked up and felt really strong.  I set off thinking I'd run three miles, and felt so good that I added some extra mileage onto each 1.5 mile loop.  By the second lap I was feeling really great and picked up my pace.  It seems that alternating mountain runs with road runs is really good for me.  My body likes it.

Also, I'm really excited that Katherine and I will be volunteering at Speedgoat tomorrow!  I'm really excited to watch Anton Krupicka run.  He's the one that inspired this adventure.  There will be loads of other big names in ultrarunning doing this event as well.  You can look at the line up this year on iRunFar.  Lindsay will also be there taking pictures and hanging out.  So, all in all it should be a super fun day!

3.6 miles
10:42 pace

Lap 1
1.68 miles
11:32 pace

Lap 2
1.92 miles
10:00 pace

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