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Saturday, July 20, 2013


My recent change to a very simple whole foods diet, has me slightly concerned how this will change the fueling game during long runs.  Let me clarify what I mean by long run.  I'm talking about runs of about four hours or longer.  Yes, I realize that a three hour run is long, or even a two hour run for that matter.  However, in distance running the game changes after the fourth hour.  Or at least, that's when the game changes for me.  In order to consume more carbs and less fiber I've decided to try some sports drink.  I don't do Gatorade.  Artificial ingredients plus food coloring, no thanks!  So, I've set off to find an actual endurance sports drink that will help me in my quest.  

New supplement #1:  EFS by 1st Endurance.  Not sure how the grape flavor will go over, but if this means less raisins, prunes, applesauce and dates in my hydration pack then I'll take it!
New supplement #2: Caffeine.  This has nothing to do with caloric or carbohydrate intake, but everything to do with my love of caffeine.  I don't drink soda or coffee, but I love some caffeine and black tea just doesn't quite have the morning kick I'm after.  We'll see how this treats me!
I'm feeling a bit nervous about my 18 mile run tomorrow.  This will be my longest since the Buffalo Run in March.  I know I can do it, of course, but those long runs always get me a little amped.  
Let's go LONG RUN!


  1. I read somewhere that some runners add chia seeds to their water/electrolyte beverages for sustained hydration. Not sure how I'd feel about drinking chia seeds, but I'm also nowhere near a four-hour run at this point so I don't really need sustained hydration. (Four-hour hike? Yes. Four-hour run? Not just yet.)

    1. YES! I actually have run with chia seeds mixed with black tea lots of times! It's good! However, I haven't reintroduced chia seeds yet. Maybe that will be next on my list!


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