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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Daily Mile, or Running is Good for You

I was pretty worked on my run today.  Meghan came over and we did Viscounti out and back.  A simple five miler.  But, after punishing myself this weekend I was feeling a bit stiff and slow today.  We had a lovely time chatting.  On runs like these, I like to remember that #1. I'm still helping myself to reach my goal, even if the run "feels" crappy, and #2. Running with friends is wonderful fun.

I came home and checked my email.  I found this article about ways that running is good for our bodies.  I love that.  So many people want to tell you it's bad for your joints, (which turns out to be not so true) or how distance running is bad for your heart.  Honestly, even if it were bad for my knees and my heart, I'm not going to stop.  So, it's nice to see that I am in fact doing my body a favor.  Thanks Runner's World.

Nine Surprising Ways Running Helps Your Body

5.02 miles
12:09 average pace

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