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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Elbow Dys--What--ia?

I'm feeling a bit sad and worried this evening.  My best furry running buddy has been limping since last Friday's hike.  Ozzy has had a bit of limping trouble a couple times now, but this time it's just not going away so I took him to the vet today.  Senario #1: (crossing fingers for this one, it's the lesser of the two evils) he has soft tissue damage that will heal with total rest.  Senario #2: (what the vet seems to think is most likely *sigh*) he has elbow dysplasia.  After a couple of xrays and an hour and a half long vet visit I was sent home with strict rest orders for Ozzy.  No running, jumping or other rambunctiousness for three weeks (Now that is a tall order!).  So, only time will tell at this point.   No fun at all.  So, for at least the next three weeks human running buddies only.

Elbow Dysplasia in dog


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    1. He's had to stay in his kennel a lot because I can't make him stop running and jumping around! :( I hope he gets better soon!


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