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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Back at it

Today I met up with Michelle in Millcreek Canyon and we ran the pipeline trail.  I couldn't find my Garmin in the dark, so I just decided to leave it be.  It was odd to run without it, but there is no reason for me to know how far we went.  We ran for nearly two hours on this beautiful fall day.  I felt good, but can feel little tweaks in my feet, knees and hips.  I took it nice and easy today.  It felt good to move. I think we ran around 8.5-9 miles.
I went this week and got myself some new trail shoes.  I decided to try something with a wider toe box.  These are La Sportiva Helios and were super comfy.  They also have a bit more of a toe bumper, so I was happy that it didn't hurt at all when I kicked a rock!  I think they're winners!
The forecast calls for cooler weather and rain this week, so I was happy to get out on this beautiful, clear day!


  1. Love Sunday runs! And your new kicks!

  2. I love all the trail running you are doing! I soooooo need to get out there and do some, especially since I'm headed to Moab this weekend for a trail marathon and I am nowhere ready. YIKES!!


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