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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not in Training

I'm having the hugest internal battle right now.  Part of me wants to get right back at it and part of me keeps hearing the words of the orthopedic in my head, "Take it easy for a couple weeks, then come see me."  Well, what is easy?  I worked out three times last week.  One weight lifting session, one yoga class and one run.  This week I've only been to the gym once so far.  I went yesterday and did the elliptical for a half and hour and then did three sets of pull ups.  I feel like a slug!  I want to take it easy, but it's really hard.  I know my body could use a little bit of a break.  But how much is too much?  What's the right "easy" amount of running?  This week is busy because of all the school activities for my kids, so it's a bit easy to slack.  Unfortunately, the candy is flowing and I'm not being the best ever.  I feel justified one minute, then guilty the next.  I suppose I'll just have to find the right balance.  Wish me luck!

Happy Halloween!


  1. So sorry about your struggle. I am a major exercise addict and if I had it taken away from me I'm afraid I would FREAK OUT! Just keep going to the gym and getting your heart rate up in other ways then running. You will still get all those happy endorphins performing right?

    Love the costume! You are darling.

    1. Thanks! I ran today, so that was good. I also plan on lots more gym days! :)


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