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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Daily Mile

After heading to the gym to ride the cycle, I rode the blasted thing for fifteen minutes and then decided to brave the treadmill.  I ran for a mile and then ran and walked for another 1.31 miles.  I felt really great and my knee wasn't bothering me at all!  I also taped up my knee with some new KT tape pro.  This tape has held up since yesterday, which is much longer than the cotton KT tape.  

I went for a deep tissue massage yesterday and my glutes and IT bands were wicked tight, so it was crazy painful, but also crazy helpful!  I'm going back again next week for more punishment.  Every little thing is helping!  For the most part, I'm feeling solid and I'm SUPER excited to RUN!

You know I'm itching to run when the dreadmill was fun!

15 minutes stationary bike
2.31 miles
11:43 pace


  1. I hope that your knee will get better soon. I know exactly how you feel for not being able to give 100% and do things you love to do the most. Wish you a speedy recovery. Wannida Bindelli

    1. Thanks Wannida! My knee is a lot better, but with a big race ahead of me soon I'm trying my best to baby it like mad! Must. Run. Whole. Race! Lol

  2. Glad your knee is cooperating better. Huge congrats on enduring a few miles on the dreadmill!

    1. Thanks Cory! Enduring the dreadmill is harder than running a marathon! Lol


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