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Friday, October 11, 2013

Musing of a tapering runner

Well, since every time I run my knee seems to ache a bit at the end of the day I've decided to quit running.  Just kidding!  But, I have decided to not run until race day.  I'll keep up with the stationary bike and walking a bit, but I really really need my knee to be solid next week.  Thirty one miles is a long way to go and I need to start off with as little inflammation as possible.  I'm feeling like a giant lump because of the lack of mileage, but I think that happens during taper anyway.  Now it's just exacerbated a by my lack of miles.  Best not to dwell on it and hope I'm making the right decision.

I suppose I'll worry about larger things, like the fact that I'm (TMI coming) supposed to start my period on race day.  Oh, the horror!  I can't even explain to you how mortified I am by this thought.  A bum knee and a menstrual period.  I guess we'll find out how tough I really am!  Forget Badwater, try a 50k with runner's knee while on the rag!

That and the fact that I may be five pounds heavier come race day.  My body is not  happy with me for continuing the caloric intake of an ultrarunner while sitting on the couch watching reruns of Parks and Recreation (great show by the way). I only have a week left.  Let's hope I survive!

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