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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Daily Mile: Two Gimps on a Walk

Ozzy and I went out for a run for his birthday today.  He's two years old!  Here is how it went down:

0-.50 miles:  Wow!  I feel really great!  Hmm, the dog is limping a little.

.50-.75 miles:  I can't believe how great I feel.  Too bad the dog is limping!

mile .75:  Wait.  My knee hurts.

.75-1.50 miles: Walk.  Try to run.  No.  Knee hurts (but only a little) better walk.

Walk.  Limp goes the dog.  Walk.  Limp. Walk.  Limp.

Not highly encouraging.  Still, better than nothing.  Now, I'm going to go do some yoga and try to relax from my nice stressful run.  Then maybe I'll go buy Ozzy a nice bone.

1.51 miles
14:11 average pace

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