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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A day in the life of...

People often ask me how I do it all.  Well, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes there are dirty dishes, and laundry, and general chaos.  Usually, I run around like a bat out of hell trying to get stuff done so that I can get my run in, or get to the gym.  Today, I documented my mania.

6:15am wake up and lay in bed until my alarm beeps at 6:30am
6:30 make breakfast for myself and the kids
7:00 wake girls, get them dressed, fed and ready for school
8:00 get dressed
8:10 take girls to school
8:20 come home and do some crazy fast house cleaning & start a load of laundry from the pile from hell
9:15 drop off Lila's lunch
9:20 Gym
11:00 pick up Clarissa
11:15 make & eat snack #1
11:30 shower
12:15pm eat lunch and pack snack for Clarissa
12:20 run errands- Bank, Costco, Wal Mart
2:30 unload groceries
2:40 eat snack #2
2:50 Pick up Lila from school
3:00 make Lila snack, orchestrate homework, finish putting groceries away, finally switch that load of laundry to drier 
4:30 sit on arse and fool around on the computer
5:25 make dinner, eat dinner, clean up 
7:00 take Kurtis to craft store to buy him origami paper so he can make sweet paper roses for his girlfriend for Valentine's day (what a guy!)
8:00 make snack for girls, help them get ready for bed
8:15 read stories
9:00 snack #3, more computer time 
It is now 9:53 and I have to finish up this computer nonsense so I can finish cleaning the kitchen and change the laundry over & get ready for bed!  So, there you go.  That's how I "do it all."  Not really very impressive, just busy!

Transformation Tuesday! 
9:15 head back to the girl's school because someone forgot her lunch box
9:20 gym time!
135# straight leg dead lifts

20 minutes elliptical
Straight leg dead lifts
Barbell shrugs
Dumbbell bench press
Overhead dumbbell press
Machine biceps curls
Wide grip lat pull down
Overhead rope cable triceps extensions
Donkey calf raises
Hanging leg lifts & oblique twist lifts

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