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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Whose Paw Print?

Sometimes when I'm sick I have the good sense to stay in bed and rest.  Sometimes I don't.  Yesterday was the latter.  But, how could I pass up the only opportunity to run with Katherine all week?  So, I took some sudafed and stuffed my pocket with tissue and waiting for Katherine to get me at 6:45am.  We were originally going to go up to Red Pine, but the avalanche danger was super high, so we opted for life and headed to Corner Canyon instead.  It was raining and windy when we arrived.  We headed up Clark's which was pretty rough going and very sticky.  Luckily the downhill down Canyon Hollow was outstanding.  I actually felt pretty good for having a nasty cold, and as always fun was had by all!

Taking pictures through a zip lock baggie.

We saw these prints, which prompted me to look up cougar prints.  These were most likely dog prints.  They were fairly large, but you could see the claws.  Cats prints don't usually show claws.  

Sick?  Who's sick?

Another beautiful day in the Wasatch! 
5.2 miles
14:36 average pace

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