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Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Lifting Friend

Remember last week when I went to that crazy Powerflex class with Courtney, who I met at the girls' school?  Well, I talked her into lifting with me on Thursday.  It was great!  We did a whole body routine and this girl is seriously strong!  She goes to the gym a lot, but had never lifted free weights before.  She put up 65# on the bench press, her first time ever!  Go Courtney!  We had a great time sweating and chatting and sounds like she wants to go with me again next week!  I'm super pumped to have another lifting buddy, especially another woman!  I really hope she continues to join me.

Our routine:
13 min elliptical
Bench Press
Wide grip cable lat pull downs
Military barbell press
Barbell bicep curl
Back extensions
Hanging leg raises
17 min elliptical

Then Friday I was planning on going to yoga, but felt the overwhelming urge to stay in my jammies and watch scandalous television and drink tea.  So I did!

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