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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Don't tell dirt, but I think I love snow

Dear Dirt,
I miss you dearly.  You are irreplaceable.  You are my best friend.  I love you very much. That said, I need you to know I've found someone.  Her name is snow.  She's very very beautiful, but as cold as ice.  I could never love her the way I love you, but in your absence I really needed a friend to turn to.  Don't be upset with me.  I really do wish for your swift return.  But for now, I will let myself love snow.  Just a little.  
Yours Always,

Corner Canyon was amazing today.  It was sunny, and just absolutely stunning out.  I really enjoyed the quiet and solitude.  The trek up was very slow, but I bombed the downhill like nobody's business.  I'm feeling really strong and great running these days!  

I plowed lots of first tracks.

By the time I got back to the car, it was dumping!  

Snow! <3

4.76 miles
13:01 average pace 

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