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Saturday, February 15, 2014

When in Rome

Katherine and I decided on a road run today on this wonderfully warm winter day.  It was 54º at 7am so I slipped on a pair of shorts and a fall/spring top and headed out the door.  We went down to the South Jordan Parkway.  The parkway holds lots of fond running memories for me.  I ran both my first 18 and 20 mile runs there along with awesome friends who rode their bikes with me!  Denise rode along with me on my first 18 miler when training for the 2012 St. George Marathon, and only a couple weeks later, Katherine rode her bike along with a very sick (I'd just gotten over the stomach flu) me on my longest run before race day.  Today was immeasurably easier than either of those runs.  It was the perfect running temperature and we had a blast chatting it up about old times.  There was also a lot of stellar Utah graffiti.  There isn't a lot of that around here, so I always stop to enjoy it.  Yes, I'm odd, and maybe it's because of all the graffiti where I grew up, but I like graffiti.  

Look Ma!  No pants!
The Wasatch front

Wow!  Don't get too wild with your graffiti kids!
Katherine decided that today she was the criminal because of her bandanna.  HA!
You can tell it's Utah because even though they're doing something illegal, they're not really cussing.

Damn!  We forgot our spray paint!
Who knew you were so gangsta, Katherine!?

Overall, an excellent run.  I was surprised that I felt so great the entire time despite the fact that my last run of this distance was in December!  Time to get cracking with the 25k training!

10:08 miles
11:06 average pace

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