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Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Reviews

February 3-9
Monday Weight lifting + 2 treadmill miles
Tuesday 4.76 trail miles
Wednesday SICK!
Thursday Weight lifting + 4 treadmill miles
Friday Still sick.  Lame.
Saturday  5.2 trail miles
Sunday REST
15.96 miles

February 10-16
Monday 10 minutes elliptical + Full body weight lifting
Tuesday 20 minutes elliptical + Full body weight lifting
Wednesday & Thursday Still battling lame sickness
Friday Leg day + 23 mins elliptical
Saturday 10.08 road miles
Sunday  REST
10.08 miles (Damn sinus pressure kept me from running most of the week.  The pounding in my head was absurd!)

February 17-23
Monday 3.1 road miles + back day + 6 min elliptical
Tuesday 3 road miles + chest & arms day
Wednesday REST
Thursday .9 miles treadmill + 5 mile road run + leg day
Friday REST
Saturday  8.7 trail miles + weight lifting, shoulders
Sunday REST
20.7 miles (That's more like it!  Time to get serious about upping my mileage!)

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