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Friday, February 14, 2014

Flex Friday

Wednesday this lingering cold I've had kicked my ass.  I sat upright (because I couldn't lay down) on the couch and watched TV the entire day.  I kid you not.  I thought my head would explode!  Thursday was miraculously better, but I decided not to tempt fate and took another rest day.  Today I feel like a million bucks compared to Wednesday.  I am still a little congested, but went about life as usual.  Hooray for getting well!  Oh, how I love leg day!  I need these puppies nice and strong to carry me 62 miles in October.  Beef up, stems!

Leg extensions
Hip abductors & adductors
Leg curls: PR alert!  
Box squats
V squats
23 minutes elliptical

Happy Valentine's Day to me!  A leg curl PR of 95lbs.  

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