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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift

Thursday I went to the University of Utah Runner's clinic to participate in a study about runner's knee.  It was pretty cool, but I will have to do another post about that later.  After the study I ran over to the gym for a quick leg day workout.  

Then, in the afternoon, when Katherine came over to teach my girl's flute lessons my wonderful, awesome son watched all the kids for us so we could get in a run!  We did the classic Viscounti out and back, and I felt fantastic!  This may or may not have been a PR for that run!  If not, it's darn close!  It usually takes at least 55 minutes for that route.  Go us!

.9 mile treadmill run (knee study)
Leg extensions
Box squats (PR 135#)
Angled leg press (PR 180# added to sled)
Leg curl
Donkey calf raises
Russian twists
Leg raises
Hanging oblique raises
Hanging leg raises

Grow quads grow!

BOOM!  Full plates!

Making myself a stronger, better runner!  

Can you believe I didn't take one single picture on our run!?  We were cruising and chatting and it just didn't happen!  
5 miles
10:18 average pace 

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