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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift: Ultra Training Begins

Let the fun and games begin!  Yesterday marked the official first day of training for Logan Peak Trail Run on June 28th.  I went to the gym in the morning to work chest, triceps and abs and then met up with Katherine and her kids in the park in the afternoon for a little bike and run fun.  We did a lap with the kids and then took turns watching the kids play on the playground while the other ran and then did one more lap with the kids at the end.  Lila is very fast and went off on her own, but Clarissa bikes at the perfect pace for me to run (slowly) along with her.  It was a super mellow run, but fun to get the kids out with us!

10 min elliptical
Bench press
Incline dumbbell press
Incline dumbbell flys
Narrow grip triceps dips
Glute machine (just because)
Cable triceps pull downs
Cable triceps rope pull downs
Hanging leg raises
Russian twists
Bicycle crunches
Reverse crunches

A beautiful day at Flat Iron Mesa.

3.2 miles
11:20 pace

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