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Friday, March 14, 2014

Trail Run Thursday

Yesterday was so glorious that I ran trails in my dreams last night a woke up thinking of going back to the same spot tomorrow!  I headed down to Corner Canyon (a last minute decision) and decided to just go on out Ann's for a bit.  But, I got to a fork in the road and decided to continue on BST, which I had only done one other time.  And that time I was in a world of hurt.  That run sucked, therefore, in my mind that section of trail sucked.  It didn't.  Plus, I went the correct way and found even more of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail that I had only seen on a map!  New trail!  Outstanding.  I made the decision to let my five mile run be a "run until you have to turn around because you have kids to pick up from school."  I found yet another trail I'd never been on, and was really enjoying the day.  I wasn't super speedy, but I was enjoying poking along seeing new sights and stopping for lots of photos.  Like I said, a glorious day!

Bonneville Shoreline Trail heading south from Coyote Hollow Trailhead. 

Time to switch things up! BST here I come!
Deer or Moose?
Heading up to South Mountain Overlook (also a new to me, very short, section of trail)

The view from South Mountain Overlook

After crossing a road, I ended up here.  New (to me) section of BST!  WOO HOO!
Weeee!  This is grand!
And what is this!?  I think that will take me back up to Ann's trail!

But, I decided on Oak Hollow...

Still loving the new vest!
Look what I found!  TRAILS!
Can you guess where I'm heading to run tomorrow?
6.31 miles
12:31 average pace


  1. Beuatiful puctures!!!!

    Have you looked at trailporn.com? You should consider sharing some of your pictures, so more people marvel at what you run in.

    1. Thanks Steve! Yes, I love trail porn! :) Never thought of submitting. Guess I should!


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