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Monday, March 31, 2014

Daily Mile & Lift

Friday morning I met up with Jennilyn Eaton, a super nice local trail runner who I recently met through other trail friends.  Jennilyn and I learned that we live very near one another and decided to go out for a hike.  It would've been a run (and we did actually end up doing some running) but Jennilyn just won and set a course record for the Buffalo Run 100 miler.  Yeah, she's pretty badass, however she is so humble that I doubt you'd here her brag it.  So, I'll brag for her.  Jennilyn, you are a badass!  We headed up Bells Canyon after getting kids in school and hiked for about and hour and a half or so.  There was a lot of new snow and I was reminded of how much I love dirt.  I really do love dirt.

Merry Christmas!  In March.  I wonder how long that has been up?

I don't know what our mileage was, but it was a very nice mellow hike/run and I really enjoyed getting to know this lady!  I'm looking forward to more trail adventures with her in the future.

After getting home I headed to the gym with Jeff for some chest work.  We really pushed hard and had a great time.  We did an incline bench press drop set that had me shaking like a leaf!  Plus, I always love it when the guy next to me is lifting lights weights than me.  Makes me feel extra badass!

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