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Monday, March 31, 2014

Party Running

I joined in the annual birthday run for Ryan, my friend Lindsay's husband.  We met up at the Wild Rose trailhead in North Salt Lake and headed up into the mountains.  It was a gorgeous day, but very windy. There was a pretty good group of us, but three of us ladies ended up trailing behind and enjoyed a leisurely run and chat.  I enjoyed getting to know some folks that I have only known peripherally.  Despite the beauty of the mountains and the wonderful company, I went home with a headache from the crazy wind blowing in my ears, nose and eyes.  

I love this girl!
Good morning Wasatch!
At the end of our run we ended up in the neighborhood.  The guest house in the back of this mansion is the size of my house!  Must be a hard life.
Because we're rad like that.  Twins.
The birthday king with his noble steed.  Happy Birthday, Ryan!
5.67 miles
15:11 average pace

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