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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ultra #3

I'm feeling a lot less like a newbie to trail and ultrarunning these days.  However, I just signed up for Logan Peak Trail Run and realized that this will only be my third ultra.  Logan Peak is a challenging and beautiful 28 mile mountain trail race. I have a few running friends who have confirmed both it's difficultly and beauty.  My friend Lindsay took some beautiful pictures up there last year, take a look.  I'm really excited about this race and my training for this race is officially starting now.

Here is the course map
The elevation profile.  Right now I am feeling super confident about it, but I'm thinking there is a significant chance that I'll be cursing myself somewhere around mile four... and probably mile thirteen....It goes something like this.  
Plus, my friend Laurie is signed up too.  Misery loves company!  It's going to be great fun!

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